Fall Offerings


Pumpkins, Caramel Apples, Mums, Gourds & More

Apple Barn grows and sells apples, Indian corn, pumpkins, gourds, mums, and more. Whether you are celebrating Halloween or just need some fresh delicious apples, Apple Barn has what you need.

Apple Season - Late August until they're gone 

Pumpkin Season - Start in September


Varieties & Picking Dates

Please note that picking dates are not open to the public. We do not offer a pick your own apples service.


End of August

Very sweet, firm, medium size apples. Good for cooking or eating.

Honey Crisp

Early September

Crisp, semi-sweet & firm. Superb eating apple.


Early September

Tart. Good cooking & eating.


Early September

Macintosh/Jonathan. Excellent for all purpose apple.

Red Delicious

Mid September

Sweet & juicy. America's favorite eating apple.


Mid September

Large, semi-sweet. Good for cooking and eating.

Yellow Delicious

Mid to end of September

Sweet. Tender skin. All purpose apple.


Mid to end of September

Crisp, semi-tart. Good eating & baking apple.


First of October

Japanese Golden Delicious. Sweet, firm, large & juicy. Good cooking and eating.


First of October

Crisp, semi-sweet. Firm. Superb eating apple.

Firm Gold

Mid October

Variety of yellow delicious. Sweet & juicy. Excellent for eating & cooking. Stores well.


Mid October

Rich, firm flavor. New variety from New Zealand. Good for cooking & eating.


Mid October

Spicy flavor, mildly tart, aromatic. Good for cooking & eating. Keeps flavor when baked.


Mid to Late October

Sweet, milk, crisp, & juicy. Good eating & cooking. Stores well. Granny Smith - Mid to late October - Crisp, tart & firm. Superb baking apple.


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