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Pumpkins, Mums, Gourds & More

Apple Barn grows and sells apples, Indian corn, pumpkins, gourds, mums, and more. Whether you are celebrating Halloween or just need some fresh delicious apples, Apple Barn has what you need.

Apple Season - September thru October 31

Pumpkin Season - Start in September

Fun in the fall: Suggested way to decorate in the fall

Apple Barn

Colorful accessories go hand & hand with crisp fall days. Begin with bright mums, surrounded by orange, green, & beige pumpkins. Place them all on a straw bale, with corn stalks as a backdrop. Add a bundle of Indian corn in the front, along with a few gourds, and you have a simple, yet striking fall display. Of course, this is only the beginning of fall decorating. The number of objects available to continue the fall theme is limitless.

All the tools you need for this fun activity can be found at Apple Barn.

Varieties & Picking Dates:

Please note that picking dates are not open to the public. We do not offer a pick your own apples service.

Picking Dates
End of August
Very sweet, firm, medium size apples. Good for cooking or eating.
Honey Crisp
Early September
Crisp, semi-sweet & firm. Superb eating apple.
Early September
Tart. Good cooking & eating.
Early September
Macintosh/Jonathan. Excellent for all purpose apple.
Red Delicious
Mid September
Sweet & juicy. America's favorite eating apple.
Mid September
Large, semi-sweet. Good for cooking and eating.
Yellow Delicious
Mid to end of September
Sweet. Tender skin. All purpose apple.
Mid to end of September
Crisp, semi-tart. Good eating & baking apple.
First of October
Japanese Golden Delicious. Sweet, firm, large & juicy. Good cooking and eating.
First of October
Crisp, semi-sweet. Firm. Superb eating apple.
Firm Gold
Mid October
Variety of yellow delicious. Sweet & juicy. Excellent for eating & cooking. Stores well.
Blushing Golden
Mid October
Jonathan & Yellow Delicious cross. Semi tart. Firm & juicy. Long keeping apple. Good for eating & cooking.
Mid October
Rich, firm flavor. New variety from New Zealand. Good for cooking & eating.
Mid October
Spicy flavor, mildly tart, aromatic. Good for cooking & eating. Keeps flavor when baked.
Mid to Late October
Sweet, milk, crisp, & juicy. Good eating & cooking. Stores well. Granny Smith - Mid to late October - Crisp, tart & firm. Superb baking apple.
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